Got7 Album’s Breath of Love: Last Piece – Boheme Floral

Breath of Love: Last Piece is the fourth album by Korean boy band Got7. This album was released by JYP Entertainment on November 30, 2020. On this release, they produced two title tracks known as “Breath” and “Last Piece.” After leaving JYP Entertainment in January 2021, Got7 completed their contract with them.

Breath of Love: Last Piece – Boheme Floral

This album is filled with songs that give comfort to their fans and tell them that they will not forget about Got7.​ The tracks on the album are important to the group’s fans because it tells a story of what has happened in their lives over the course of two years.

There are 19 songs on the album, which is an ode to their fans.

The genres of this album are pop, jazz, swing and hip-hop, which fit Got7’s style of music perfectly. The band strays away from trying to appeal to K-pop followers who want more dance tracks or party music.

There have been several artists that have covered this album including Crush, JJ Project, Monsta X and others. This album has also ranked 35th on the Billboard Top 200 Charts.

This album contains songs from their previous albums as well as new songs. The lyrics are easily understood unlike their other albums, which are good because it helps

This Breath of Love album uses the Boheme Floral font from 50Fox Studio. The typography on this album combines Serif Font with Boheme Floral so it looks very elegant.

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