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This information will help our research. As our gratitude for your trust. We will try our best to provide the best value for your brand.

Exclusive License

Everything you’ll need for a powerful brand in one package. This is your ticket to creating a remarkable brand. Get all unlimited benefits with really affordable price.

This Exclusive License allows you to use the Fonts without limitation.

✓ 1 Corporate/ Brand
✓ Exclusive for 1 year
✓ Unlimited Users & Installations
✓ Unlimited Commercial Projects
✓ Unlimited Web Views
✓ Unlimited Broadcasting
✓ Unlimited Monetized Social Media & Blog
✓ Unlimited Apps & Server
✓ Worldwide

Note: Exclusive licenses means that 50Fox can not use or sell the custom Fonts in the license period. However, 50Fox may use Font files for promotional and portfolio-based materials.

Exclusive licenses may be renewed by end of the license period. If license is not renewed, 50Fox may use or sell the Fonts as suited. Without an Exclusive License, 50Fox may use or sell the Fonts as suited.

Language covered

Polish, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Slovene, Serbo-Croatian (Latin script), Montenegrin, Romanian (before 1993 spelling reform), Albanian, English, German, Luxembourgish.

How is delivery calculated?

  • The processing time will begin after you approve the sketch or prototype from us.
  • It generally takes us less than 7 days to design a sketch or prototype as part of our R&D. It also relies on our good communication.
  • Our studio works on Monday to Friday to produce the most distinctive typeface for you.
  • Most of our designers are resting over the weekend to be ready to deliver you a stunning typeface the following week.

Style Inspiration

At the start of every project our designer team requires rigorous research to create a concept or prototype.

We think it is necessary to understand the project and its needs in the best way in order to reach the most accurate result in projects.

The more information you provide really helps us to create the best typeface for you.

You can choose to upload or provide links for images and documents or use both. Visual directions such as images, photos and sketches are easier to understand.

Alternate characters

Polish your new custom typeface with alternate characters to make it even more stylish.