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Alfamart is the biggest chain of Indonesians convenience stores. The first company was established on May 28, 1991 in Jakarta by Sumber Marta Tbk PT (SMTB) as a franchise business and also as an agent of Indomaret since 1993. In 2007 restructured as a subsidiary company of PT Metro Pacific Supermarket Tbk (MPC), the biggest company of the Metro Pacific Group.

Their stores are distinguished by its red and yellow signboard and were designed in a modern way with warehouse arrangement which provides large space for storage and distribution of goods, while also maintaining a neat and clean appearance at retail outlets. The concept of the store is simple, fast and effective with minimum possible human intervention.

Alfamart has more than 1,100 branches spread over Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and East Timor within less than 20 years.


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Alfamart – Oraqle Script Fonts

First Alfamart promotional program Bekal Baik Untuk Hidup Sehat (Be Healthy and Live Better) is a campaign during Ramadan month of 2012, targeted at low-income individuals. The program seeks to help families during the holy fasting month with various types of food supplies such as rice, sugar, cooking oil, salt, flour, soy sauce and Milo. This project was done in cooperation with Alfamart’s subsidiary, Martindo (

The program was started on June 14, 2012, and initially began with donation of three types of free groceries to community members in the city of Tangerang which are rice, sugar and cooking oil.

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Second promotional program “Personal Care Fair”, was held at the Jakarta International Expo convention center, Kemayoran. Alfamart’s exhibition booth has attracted many visitors throughout ditrajaya by various prices of goods ranging from Rp 5,000 to Rp 10,000.

The exhibition is part of the efforts to expand the market Alfamart which plays an important role in everyday life, especially for people who live around cities or villages that are still developing.

Expansion program was chosen by the Board of commissioners, MR Arief Dharmawan on Wednesday (7/28/2010) because it can be seen as an opportunity to support the items that are often used by society.

“We will give additional income for our customers, especially those who live around our business areas. We really want them to feel the benefits of the program,” said Arief during a visit with reporters at Alfamart Kemayoran Exhibition site .

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Both Alfamart promotional program using Oracle Script Fonts by 50Fox Studio. Their banners and flyers look more unique with good legibility.

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