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Bijou Brigitte - Sophistica Fonts

Bijou Brigitte was an American fashion label popular during the early to mid 1960s. Produced by the Di Cicco family of New York City, Bijou Brigitte specialized in petite ready-to-wear clothing for teeny boppers and young women under age 20. Their clothes were designed for “flat-chested” figures, and while their sizes went up to 22, the average woman was probably a size 8.


Bijou Brigitte – Sophistica Fonts

The line offered “modern” clothes in bright colors with an emphasis on matching separates that could be mixed and matched. They also produced accessories like shoes, gloves, scarves, hats, belts and jewelry.

This company was first introduced to the public in a full-page advertisement in the October 7, 1961 issue of “LIFE Magazine” as a new fashion label under the Di Cicco Brothers umbrella. The ad featured their “Autumn Fashions.” The firm’s showroom at 9 West 57th Street displayed samples from the line.

The first Bijou Brigitte boutique opened on the 14th floor of Gimbels department store on 34th Street in New York City on February 1, 1962. Though heavily promoted by Gimbels, it is unclear whether this was a permanent or temporary location. At the time there were already three other Di Cicco Brother retail boutique/showrooms at Gimbels. The Di Cicco Brothers showroom at the downtown Gimbels location was on the fourth floor of the Men’s Store, near Central Park on Sixth Avenue.

Bijou Brigitte uses the Sophistica Fonts Collection + Extras from 50Fox Studio. According to the design style, it appears attractive and refined. As a result, it complements Bijou Brigitte’s image of luxury.

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